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Studio99 is a complete Virtual Event space with the latest in virtual production technology, including Realtime Greenscreen Keying, Mo-Sys Camera Tracking and Unreal Engine Realtime 3D Graphics.

Fully Virtual and customizable

Do you want your event to take place in outer space, or what about a background view of the New York Skyline. Our Virtual Studio is fully customisable, and only the imagination is the limit.

Live Stream and Call-ins

We can live stream to your platform of choice and have all the necessary tools for integrating video calls into the virtual studio.

Virtual Studio Technology

Greenscreen is nothing new but our specialized and State-of-the-art camera and 3D technology allows us to take your Virtual Event to the next level and create seamless and stunning productions.

What is Virtual Production and how are we using it?

Virtual Production is a term that originates from the film industry, and covers many different forms of imagery production. Everything from motion capture and camera tracking for animation feature films, to the use of powerful 3D Game Engines to pre visualize movie shoots.

But what if you take some of these tools and combine them with the traditional Green Screen and modern broadcast technology. Then you get a streaming studio like Studio99.

Using some of the most advanced Real Time Green Screen keyers in the market and state-of-the-art Camera Tracking technology combined with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, we are able to create immersive and (almost) realistic Virtual Events in any virtual space imaginable.

With all the traditional broadcast tools, like multi camera production, Tally, Intercom, On-Air Graphics and Wireless Audio the workflow in our studio is nothing different from what you would expect from a streaming studio.

Virtual Production, in all its forms, is here to stay and with the global increase in online events it’s becoming even more popular.

Backstage facility

Everything is renovated and modern while staying true to the original industrial look of the concrete walls and flooring.

The Studio comes equipped with a brand new kitchen to make it easy and convenient preparing meals for your team.

Should you require more space for meetings and preporations, we have additional private areas

Our first floor lounge allows for cozy relaxation in the breaks.

Toilets can be separated to allow privacy for your team, and additional rooms can be allocated for your team to have a quiet place to prepare or have closed door meetings.


— Dishwasher
— Wash
— Oven
— Microwave
— Electric induction stove

Available Space

— 31m²
— Internet
— Power supply


1st floor

Easy access located near Copenhagen

Studio99 is conveniently located in the Greater Copenhagen area, only 25 min. drive from Copenhagen City Centre and 15 min. from Copenhagen Airport.

Studio99 are part of 4K Projects and share location.

The outside area offers free all-day parking and public transportation right to the doorstep.